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AppHarvest Hires New President and Begins to Harvest Tomatoes

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It hasn’t been long since we last wrote about AppHarvest but a lot has happened in that short amount of time. The team there is doing amazing work and we love to follow them. Below are a few exciting updates we want you to be aware of:

Hired a new President

Impossible Foods' CFO David Lee will become AppHarvest’s president and he will start in his new role on Jan. 25. In this role, David will help develop strategy and lead the sales, marketing, and finance teams.

Prior to being at AppHarvest, Lee served as Impossible Food’s CFO since December 2015, where he helped grow the company and secure more than $1.3 billion in funding to accelerate manufacturing, product development, and distribution. He also worked as COO of Impossible from 2015 to 2019, during a period of significant transformation for the company.

This is a HUGE get for AppHarvest and is a testament to the potential of their business model and strategy. Jonathan Webb has continued to impress when it comes to recruiting talent and capital. A project like this requires exactly what Jonathan and his team are doing on that front.

AppHarvest expands office space in downtown Lexington

Given the growth AppHarvest is seeing, you’d probably figure they are expanding their physical presence as well in the form of office space. Well, they are doing exactly that in The Square in downtown Lexington. I’m sure many of you were familiar with Hopcat and their crack fries. Unfortunately, they closed and after their recent departure, AppHarvest will be taking that space along with several other new suites in addition to the offices they already have there.

This is exciting news for downtown Lexington. Anything that brings more talent and people in general to the downtown area is great given the current commercial real estate environment.

Tomatoes are starting to be shipped to groceries

The sustainably grown tomatoes will be available in select national retailers such as Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Food City and Meijer.

To learn more about AppHarvest, check out our episodes with Jonathan Webb, Amy Samples, and Geof Rochester below.

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