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Middle Tech started as an idea in 2018 to shed light on the innovators of Lexington. Over the years and through the episodes, we’ve expanded our coverage to highlight important changemakers and dive deep into local issues throughout Kentucky.


Our coverage goes beyond tech and since starting we’ve elevated culture and grown the business community, all while cultivating a network of innovators that is neither bound by vertical nor scope. But we want to do more.


We’ve recently launched a special series with KSR, are launching more in-house productions, and have many more ideas to create community in the Commonwealth.


We ask for your help to keep growing.


Please consider making a contribution to Middle Tech’s cause. With more contributors we can create more content, explore more stories, and ultimately continue to give back to our community for years to come. We hope you’ll be a part of the Middle Tech story.

Evan Knowles, Nate Antetomaso, Logan Jones

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